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QIU Yanling
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Professional and Technical Post: Professor

Supervisor (PhD or Master):Supervisor (PhD & Master)

Telephone(O):+86-21-6598 4626

E-mail: ylqiu@tongji.edu.cn

Department:Department of Environmental Sciences


Research field:

Environmental behavior of persistent organic pollutants, Environmental monitoring, Removal of persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals

Academic and administration position:

Member of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences

Member of the International Panel on Chemical Pollution

Education Background

1988.09–1992.07: BS, Environmental Monitoring, Tongji University

1996.09–2000.01: MS, Environmental Engineering, Tongji University

2001.03-2005.03: PhD, Environmental Engineering, Tongji University

Working Experience:

1992.07 – 1997.07: Teaching Assistant, School of Environmental Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

1997.07 – 2005.06: Lecturer, College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

1998.07-1999.07: Visiting Scholar, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Tulane University, New Orleans, U.S.A.

2005.06 – date: Associate Professor, College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

2007.08 – 2008.08: Post-doctoral, Department of Environmental Chemistry, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden


Undergraduate course of “Environmental Monitoring”; Graduate course of "Environmental Management and Policy", obtained teaching awards in 2002, 2004 and 2009; Supervisor for bachelor and master thesis and student innovative experiment program; Involved in a number of teaching reform and research programs and obtained national and university awards. Text books: Qiu Yanling, Chen Ling, Zhao Jianfu. Monitoring and Analysis of Drinking Water Quality. Beijing: Chemical Industry Press, 2006; Chen Ling, Zhao Jianfu, Qiu Yanling, Xia Siqing. Environmental Monitoring. Beijing: Chemical Industry Press, 2008; Chapter writer of Modern Environmental Analytical Techniques, Beijing: Science Press, 2008.

Scientific Research Projects:

Development of a Yangtze River Delta monitoring program, including an environmental specimen bank and an environment and health laboratory, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (2010-2013); Distribution and metabolism characteristics of PCBs/PBDEs in food chain of water with high eutrophication, Scientific Research Foundation for Returned Overseas Scholars, China Ministry of Education (2010-2012); Mechanism study on the photoreduction of perfluorinated organic acids based on the efficient hydrated electron generation, National Nature Science Foundation (2009-2011); Distribution and metabolism characteristics of representative POPs in algae type shallow lakes, Foundation of the State Key Laboratory (2009-2011); Development of high efficiency and low cost wastewater treatment and reuse techniques and equipments, National Science and Technology Infrastructure Program, China Ministry of Science and Technology (2008-2011); Study on key techniques of high efficiency biological treatment of natural water pollution in city, International S&T Cooperation Project, China Ministry of Science and Technology (2008-2011); Occurrence features of typical persistent toxic substances in Shanghai strategic water sources, Committee of Science and Technology, Shanghai Municipal Government (2005-2007); Application study on remote sensing technique used in eco-environmental monitoring of upstream Huangpu River, Committee of Science and Technology, Shanghai Municipal Government (2004-2007); Research and Development of Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology and Equipment, National High-tech R&D Program, China Ministry of Science and Technology (2002-2005)

Representative publications:

1. Yanling Qiu*, Anna Strid, Anders Bignert, Zhiliang Zhu, Jianfu Zhao, Maria Athanasiadou, Ioannis Athanassiadis, 

Åke Bergman. Chlorinated and brominated organic contaminants in fish from Shanghai markets: A case study of human 

exposure. Chemosphere, 2012, 89: 458–466

2. QIU Yanling, ZHANG Tao, ZHU Zhiliang*, DONG Lijing, ZHAO Jianfu. Removal of Pentachlorophenol in Aqueous Solution 

by Adsorption with Resin D301. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 2012, 21(5a): 1-6

3. Qiu, Y. L.,* Eriksson, J., Granelli, L., Bergman, Å., An improved method for assessing relative nucleophilic substitution 

reactivities of polychlorinated benzene. Chemosphere, 2009, 75: 78-82

4. Lin, D. H., Qiu, Y. L.,* Huang, H., Y., Hong, J., Wei S, H., Zhang, H. E., Zhu, Z. L., Hyper-spectrum models for monitoring 

water quality in Dianshan Lake, China. Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 2009, 27(1):153-157

5. Qiu, Y. L.,* Zhao, J. F., Hou H. Q., Li, T., Chen, L., Zhu, Z. L., Transmission flash photolysis of titanium dioxide photooxidation 

of pyrogallol. Comptes Rendus—Chimie, 2008, 11(1-2): 120-124

Awards and patents:


1. Teaching Award by Tongji University, 2002, third prize

2. Teaching Award by Tongji University, 2004, third prize

3. Teaching Award by Tongji University, 2009, second prize

4. National Bilingual Demonstration Course—Environmental Monitoring, Ministry of Education, 2009, second principal person

5. Teaching Achievement Award by Tongji University, first prize, 2010, second principal person


1. Pathogen inactivation method for sewage sludge, Chinese Invention Patent, Patent No. ZL 2003 1 0122782.8, Authorized Announcement Date: 2007.03.07, Inventors: Chen Ling, Zhao Jianfu, He Peisong, Zhang Jirong, Qiu Yanling, Xia Siqing, Huang Huimin.

2. An immobilized photocatalytic water treatment equipment driven by solar energy, Chinese Invention Patent, Patent No. ZL 200510026138.X, Authorized Announcement Date: 2007.05.16, Inventors: Li Tian, Duan Xiaoping, Qiu Yanling.

3. A new process used to separate and recover heavy metals from sludge and soil. Chinese Invention Patent, Patent No. ZL200510024125.9, Authorized Announcement Date: 2008.03.05, Inventors: Zhu Zhiliang, Zhang Ronghua, Wang Hui, Qiu Yanling, Zhao Jianfu.

4. Extraction, clean-up and measurement method of PAHs in soil, Chinese Invention Patent, Patent No. ZL200710037126.6, Authorized Announcement Date: 2009.06.24, Inventors: Zhao Jianfu, Liu Ying, Chen Ling, Gao Hongwen, Huang Qinghui, Qiu Yanling.

5. Preparation and application of a modified zeolite adsorbant, Chinese Invention Patent, Patent No. ZL 2009 1 0053786.2, Authorized Announcement Date: 2011.03.9, Inventors: Zhu Zhiliang, Zhan Yanhui, Qiu Yanling, Gao Naiyun, Zhao Jianfu.

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